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Monday, July 6, 2020

Party With Prince

In the heart of Minneapolis
When it gets dark
Purple rain falls
On Paisley Park

A bigger musical icon
Hasn’t graced our presence since
I wish I’d got the chance
To party with Prince

No fewer than 27 instruments
This legend could play
Creating musical gems
Such as raspberry beret

His spellbinding guitar skills
Were true to form
When he lit up the Superbowl
During a thunderstorm

He taught the world to go crazy
And party like its 1999
Briefly changing his name
In protest to a sign

Among his writing credits
Nothing compares to U
He never got complacent
Always striving for something new

He remained humble
Until his dying day
Destine to burn out
Rather than fade away

The planet he decorated
Seems a little darker since
In a world awash with royalty
There will only ever be one Prince

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Marry Me

Marry me darling
Be my wife
Let’s rip up reality
Start a new life

I’ll watch adoringly
As you walk down the aisle
Captivated by your beauty
All the while

I’ll love you like crazy
From the moment you wake
Never giving your heart
Cause to break

We’ll dance under stars
Kiss in the moonlight
With these arms of mine
Holding you tight

You leave footsteps
Across my heart
Share this journey
So we’ll never be apart

Monday, June 15, 2020

Creating Art

When we make love

We’re creating art

It’s felt that way

From the start

When we’re kissing

I’m embroiled in fantasy

Gloriously lost in a world

Inhabited only by you and me

The emotion I feel

When we touch

Incredibly raw

And all too much

The pains unbearable

When we’re apart

Tearing strips

Off my heart

We share the kind of love

Enjoyed by only a few

Wholly exhilarating

Effortlessly new

With you in my arms

I feel like a king

Because loving you

Is everything

Monday, June 8, 2020

Just a Man

I’m just a man

Cut me and I’ll bleed

But let me be

All you’ll need

I can’t offer you riches

Exotic beaches & glorious weather

But you’ll have my heart

Now and forever

I’ll love you darling

When you’re old and grey

Just as much

As I love you today

I’ll take your dreams

And make them mine

Bathe your world

In sweet sunshine

When you breathe

I’ll be in the air for you

I know that’s a Bon Jovi line

But it happens to be true

If I have to watch High Grant movies

Then so be it

As long as it’s on a sofa

Where you sit

Step into my reality

Make it our paradise

Because life without you

Is too heavy a price

Monday, June 1, 2020

Taking On The World

I have to take on the world

Give it my best go

The starring role

In a glittering show

I won’t go to the grave

With the music still in me

Enduring familiarity

I simply let be

I have to stop existing

And let living start

Pursue crazy beautiful love

Whilst risking a broken heart

I must ride more rollercoaster’s

Marvel at sunsets

A creator of memories

Not a hoarder of regrets

Build snowmen in the winter

Enjoy beer in the sunshine

Kiss passionately in the rain

With a sweetheart that’s mine

When fear comes knocking

I’ll react courageously

Never giving up

Being all I can be

With dreams in the distance

Happiness is mine for the taking

I must seize this moment

A new dawn is breaking

Monday, May 25, 2020

Love Heroin

I’ve taken love heroin

But can’t feel it again

The music has faded

Leaving nothing but pain

The memory of your touch

I’ll forever miss

Superseded only by

The beauty of your kiss

I’m still craving

One last shot

Another taste of love

The only dream I’ve got

The ghost of you

Lays strewn across my heart

Shackled by the past

Aching for a fresh start

My dose of love heroin

Gifted paradise and more

Oh God, please let me feel

The way I did before

Party With Prince In the heart of Minneapolis When it gets dark Purple rain falls On Paisley Park A bigger musical icon ...