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Monday, August 31, 2020


The Heart Never Lies

You can fool your mind

In to many things

To navigate the mediocrity

That life invariably brings


But true feelings

You can’t disguise

Despite your best efforts

The heart never lies


You can quietly give in

Relinquish your soul

But the heart won’t play

An active role


You can dampen the fire

That once burned inside

But your heart will mourn

The dreams that died


If you head down a road

And your heart doesn’t follow

Prepare for an existence

That’s painful and hollow


Life’s easy path

Is a lonely place to roam

Listen to your heart

It will guide you home


Keep on believing

In everything you do

A big brave heart

Will never dessert you


It matters not where you finish

Only that you start

Stare into the eyes of fear

And trust in your heart

Monday, August 24, 2020



One Last Kiss

One last kiss

Then I’ll go

Ever so quickly

Like April snow


Just one last kiss

Nothing more

Let me feel

How I did before


One last caress

Of your lips

Before my heart

Painfully rips


Grant me one last

Romantic endeavour

The kind of kiss

That lasts forever


One last kiss

Then we’re history

Nothing but

A faded memory


One last epic kiss

It’s everything I desire

Take my bruised heart

Set it on fire


You’re the one

I’ll always miss

Forever yearning

One last kiss

Monday, August 17, 2020


Before I Die

Let me live

Before I die

I’m tired of watching

Life pass me by


I can’t go to the grave

With the music still in me

Failing miserably

To fulfil my destiny


I want to visit places

I’ve only seen on TV

Fulfilling dreams

I can no longer see


I want to fall in love

Have my heart set on fire

Be enveloped in a kiss

Laced with passion and desire


I want to party till dawn

In some Nashville bar

Downing tequila

Strumming air guitar


I want to dance

In the purple rain

Feeling liberated

And young again


I want to gorge on burgers

Served with fine wine

With no thought

For my waistline


I want to ride rollercoaster’s

Without shutting my eyes

On fast bendy tracks

Riddled with wonder & surprise


I want to lay down each night

Feeling happy & satisfied

Not always succeeding

But knowing I tried


Before I die, I want a life

Punctuated with beauty

I won’t go to my grave

With the music still in me

Monday, August 10, 2020


Life’s a Burger

If life’s a burger

You’re the relish

Someone beautiful

I’ll always cherish


If life’s a pudding

You’re the cream

One long hazy

Magical dream


If life’s a sky

You’re the rainbow

Loving me more

Than I’ll ever know


If life’s a fairground

You’re the rollercoaster ride

Nothing feels better

Than lying by your side


If life’s a Queen song

You’re Bohemian Rhapsody

Making me more

Than I could ever be


If life’s a marathon

You’re the finishing line

I thank the lord

That you’re all mine


If life’s a movie

You’re Audrey Hepburn

Just one more kiss

Is all I yearn


If life’s a cartoon

You’re Wilma Flintstone

I know my heart

Will never be alone


If life’s a dream

You’re my beginning & end

All the tomorrows

I’m lucky to spend

Monday, August 3, 2020

Something Beautiful

Life is tough
Sometimes dull
But then you go and do
Something beautiful

Difficult to understand
Hard to explain
How a flash of your eyes
Evaporates my pain

Watching your body move
Makes my heart pulsate
I’m trapped in a fantasy
Only you can create

The way you ruffle your hair
Drives me insane
A glut of endorphins
Flooding my brain

I go weak
Whenever you smile
Can’t help but stop
And stare for a while

Feeling your heart beat
As I hold your close
The moment in life
I love the most

Every wonderful night
I lay down next to you
It’s simply paradisiacal
And always brand new

You brighten up days
Once dreary and dull
Every time you do
Something beautiful

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