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Monday, March 30, 2020

The Kiss

Tip of the heart

Gateway to the soul

Lips play a part

In making us whole

A delicate touch

The subtlest caress

Means so much

Its heavenliness

When hopelessly in love

They’re impossible to ration

Like stars up above

Laced with passion

It takes but a moment

But can last forever

A Gloriously potent

Paradisiacal endeavour

A wondrous feeling

Magical to find

Heads floating, hearts reeling

Lovers entwined

Lost in a fantastical reality

Inhabited by two

Far removed from normality

But deliciously true

Once it ends

You ache like never before

But the heart never mends

If the body craves more

No other act

Encapsulates such beauty

Should never be matter of fact

Or performed out of duty

Sometimes ever so tender

Or delivered with lustful aggression

Recipient or sender

The ultimate expression

Kissing your lover

With raging desire

A feeling like no other

Perpetual fire

In its absence I contemplate

The emotion I’ll miss

I’ll forever celebrate

The majesty of a kiss

Sunday, March 22, 2020

She Smiles With Her Eyes

Dark and alluring

She smiles with her eyes

I can’t help but stare

And fantasise

Her blood red lips

I long to kiss

Lost in her gaze

Eternal bliss

Her mere presence

Makes my day

Hopelessly lost

In a gorgeous way

The slightest glance

Causes my heart to pound

Its all sunshine and rainbows

When she’s around

Effortlessly sparkling

Like a diamond in the sunlight

Can’t help but dream

Of holding her tight

Dripping with beauty

So easy to adore

I have her friendship

But ache for more

Each rare moment together

Is mine to cherish

Savouring seconds

That ultimately perish

To always love her

Is my destiny

Impossible to fight

I’ll just let it be.

Trapped in paradise

My future holds no surprise

Because I’m in love

With the woman who smiles with her eyes

Sunday, March 15, 2020


In a world scared by greed

Execs bank balances getting fatter

It takes something devastating

For society to realise, its people that matter

If only we’d listened to our consciences

And Huey Lewis and the news

Spread love or hate

You’re free to choose

Standing amongst the ruins

Of a fearful nation

We can only survive

Through love and consideration

Maybe the world can’t be healed

But we have to try

Live with purpose

Until the day you die

This is our moment

To hit pause and rewind

Harness the enduring power of human spirit

For the good of all mankind

The music is playing my friends

Have you the heart to be a dancer?

If we’re going to change this world

Then love and only love is the answer.

Monday, March 9, 2020

You arrived with the freshness of April showers
A hedonistic mix of hearts and flowers
I didn't know I was lost, until you saved me
Now I love you more than crunchy roast potatoes and gravy

During life's unrelenting storm
With your big old heart
You keep me warm
Now I know
You're my rainbow

If my life's a fish
That makes you the batter
Amidst this frenetic circus
You've shown me it's people that matter

Monday, March 2, 2020

This is a poem I composed and read out at my daughters wedding. I hope you like it:-

Easy to give

Wonderful to receive

Forever enduring

Love never flatters to deceive

No requirement for riches

Or price to pay

Eternal sunshine

On an idyllic day

Devoid of weakness

Love has the power

To drag us through

Our darkest hour

It can warm the heart

Of the coldest soul

In a life well lived

Love plays the starring role

Always humble

Without heirs and graces

Love finds shelter

In the most desperate places

When our minds become consumed

With regret and fear

Hold on

Love is near

Our strength

Hope & energy

For the happiness we crave

Love is the key

At the end

When the oceans run dry

And the last star

Inhabiting Gods sky

Burns out up above

They’ll still be love

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