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Monday, May 25, 2020

Love Heroin

I’ve taken love heroin

But can’t feel it again

The music has faded

Leaving nothing but pain

The memory of your touch

I’ll forever miss

Superseded only by

The beauty of your kiss

I’m still craving

One last shot

Another taste of love

The only dream I’ve got

The ghost of you

Lays strewn across my heart

Shackled by the past

Aching for a fresh start

My dose of love heroin

Gifted paradise and more

Oh God, please let me feel

The way I did before

Monday, May 18, 2020

What Lies Over My Rainbow

Life is unpredictable

That much we know

But I can’t help but wonder

What lies over my rainbow

It’s a little unnerving

I have to confess

Will it be cloaked with failure

Or garnished with success

Will I find contentment

In the eyes of another

Drenched in beauty

A dark haired gorgeous lover

Will I fly among the stars

Dance on the moon

Strutting my stuff

To some funky Prince tune

Will I walk among angels

Dine lavishly with kings

Accepting gracefully

The fortune life brings

If seduced by riches

Capable of tearing me apart

Will I retain the values

I hold close to my heart

Will I muster the courage to battle

Demons that lie in wait

Rage against the establishment

Or simply accept my fate

Will I be driven by passion

Until I meet my end

Live without loss of enthusiasm

And crazy beautiful love, my friend

Monday, May 11, 2020

Heart in a Hurricane

With you I’m in real danger

Of experiencing great pain

One glance and it feels like

My hearts caught in a hurricane

The touch of your hand

Sends my head into a spin

Trying to avoid falling too hard

A battle I can’t win

Impossible to function

With you always on my mind

But a love so beautiful

I’m lucky to find

I want to live out my days

With you by my side

Creating a paradise

We can run to and hide

Lay down beside me darling

And hold me tight

Bestowing your burning love

All through the night

You’re the fantastical forever

I’ve searched my whole life for

If we can have tomorrow

I’ll love you even more

Monday, May 4, 2020


I love pizza

Almost as much as you

Especially pepperoni

With mushrooms too

On our first date

We ate a Dominos

Shared on one plate

I paid, you chose

Over the years

We’ve scoffed our fair share

Through triumph and tears

Pizza’s always been there

Saturday night

A knock on the door

Two boxes of delight

We’re eager to explore

Leftover slices in bed

Sunday morning treats

Happy and well fed

In tomato stained sheets

During your pregnancy

Peanut butter and chorizo

It wasn’t for me

But I gave it a go

When feeling adventurous

I’m straight on the phone

Selecting toppings I trust

For a create your own

You love deep pan

I prefer a thin crust

We cook when we can

But in pizza we trust

If push comes to shove

Even though it tastes so nice

For you, the one I love

I’d give my last slice

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