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Monday, August 31, 2020


The Heart Never Lies

You can fool your mind

In to many things

To navigate the mediocrity

That life invariably brings


But true feelings

You can’t disguise

Despite your best efforts

The heart never lies


You can quietly give in

Relinquish your soul

But the heart won’t play

An active role


You can dampen the fire

That once burned inside

But your heart will mourn

The dreams that died


If you head down a road

And your heart doesn’t follow

Prepare for an existence

That’s painful and hollow


Life’s easy path

Is a lonely place to roam

Listen to your heart

It will guide you home


Keep on believing

In everything you do

A big brave heart

Will never dessert you


It matters not where you finish

Only that you start

Stare into the eyes of fear

And trust in your heart

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