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Monday, April 6, 2020

If…..Laced With Love

If you can dream with no ceiling

Soar without wings

Experience the wondrous feeling

Liberation brings

If you can recognise value

Nor covet material possessions

Bestow respect when due

Accepting faults and transgressions

If you can follow your heart

When the naysayers scream no

Even when it tears you apart

You’re a hero

If you can dance through the darkness

Creating your rainbow

Brighter days, no less

Are destine to follow

If you can navigate life

Retaining the enthusiasm of a child

Amidst both serenity and strife

Radiating grace so mild

If you can make love with searing passion

But not lust after the forbidden

Kiss in the most enthusiastic fashion

Displaying emotions once hidden

If you can treat people as equals without exception

Staying humble, regardless of wealth

Whilst resisting the urge to profit from deception

Upholding morals dear to oneself

If you can offer solace to a stranger

In the midst of their darkest hour

Shield society’s vulnerable from danger

Fuelled by love’s power

If you can counter with kind acts

In the face of unflinching hate

Ignore rumour in favour of facts

Let happiness be your fate

If you can tolerate the merchants of misery

Whilst spreading seeds of hope

Enriching souls aching to be free

With the strength to cope

If you can walk in another man’s shoes

Without judgement or cruel tongue

Be considerate with your views

To those you exist among

If you can sing with swallows

At first morning light

Cherishing what follows

Glorious day, majestic night

If you can love like there’s no tomorrow

Without hindrance of regret

Despite the spectre of sorrow

You’ll find your sunset

If you can walk with dignified restraint

In the shadow of death

No utterance of compliant

Until your final breath

If you can muster the strength to smile

When inside, your heart is breaking

Just hold on my friend for a while

This beautiful world is yours for the taking.

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