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Monday, April 27, 2020

The Frog & Toad

There was a young frog

Who fell in love with a toad

He spotted one morning

By the side of the road

My names Freddie

He casually said

But she didn’t reply

Rolling her eyes instead

Undeterred, he smiled

Requesting with glee

Her company

For afternoon tea

The toad shrugged her shoulders

Having nothing to say

Much to the smitten frog’s

Utter dismay

But Freddie wasn’t ready

To simply give in

Countering her coolness

With a gormless grin

What’s your name?

He nervously muttered

It’s Angel

She softly uttered

Wow, that’s beautiful

Freddie gushed

Turning crimson

Angel blushed

All of a sudden

This confident guy

Felt all at sea

And frightfully shy

Mustering all his courage

Freddie gave it one last try

Putting his heart on the line

In hope of a positive reply

We could hop to the beach

And lounge in the sun

But Angel shook her head

At the mention of such fun

Freddie was distraught

And exasperated too

There must be something

Angel wants to do

I know said Freddie

What about the fair

Hop on my back

I’ll take you there


No reaction

A flustered Freddie

Can’t get no satisfaction

Pizza, Cinema

Maybe a boat ride

Scrabble, Monopoly

My goodness, he tried

Angel he pleaded

Is there anywhere you want to go

She pointed to the sky and said

Take me over the rainbow

Freddie gulped

But couldn’t say no

So off they hopped

Chasing down the rainbow

Through lush green valleys

Over meandering streams

Went Angel and Freddie

In search of their dreams

It was wild and exciting

Not knowing what they’d find

On fire with freedom

And adventure in mind

They chased it all day

With boundless vigour

But it never got nearer

Or appeared any bigger

Eventually they stopped and took a moment

To admire the beauty they stood under

Holding hands, they looked up

Marvelling at its wonder

Then all of a sudden

To their dismay and surprise

The rainbow faded away

Right in front of their eyes

Fearing he had let Angel down

Freddie dropped his head and cried

It doesn’t matter that we didn’t get there

Said Angel, I just love it that you tried

Then she leant over to Freddie

Imparting the softest kiss

His heart swelled with love

Life doesn’t get more beautiful than this

Freddie has found his forever

At the end of the rainbow

Regardless of what life throws

He’ll never let her go

Life can be wonderful

It has to be said

This morning Freddie was all alone

Now he’s loving Angel instead.

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