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Monday, March 30, 2020

The Kiss

Tip of the heart

Gateway to the soul

Lips play a part

In making us whole

A delicate touch

The subtlest caress

Means so much

Its heavenliness

When hopelessly in love

They’re impossible to ration

Like stars up above

Laced with passion

It takes but a moment

But can last forever

A Gloriously potent

Paradisiacal endeavour

A wondrous feeling

Magical to find

Heads floating, hearts reeling

Lovers entwined

Lost in a fantastical reality

Inhabited by two

Far removed from normality

But deliciously true

Once it ends

You ache like never before

But the heart never mends

If the body craves more

No other act

Encapsulates such beauty

Should never be matter of fact

Or performed out of duty

Sometimes ever so tender

Or delivered with lustful aggression

Recipient or sender

The ultimate expression

Kissing your lover

With raging desire

A feeling like no other

Perpetual fire

In its absence I contemplate

The emotion I’ll miss

I’ll forever celebrate

The majesty of a kiss

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