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Monday, May 18, 2020

What Lies Over My Rainbow

Life is unpredictable

That much we know

But I can’t help but wonder

What lies over my rainbow

It’s a little unnerving

I have to confess

Will it be cloaked with failure

Or garnished with success

Will I find contentment

In the eyes of another

Drenched in beauty

A dark haired gorgeous lover

Will I fly among the stars

Dance on the moon

Strutting my stuff

To some funky Prince tune

Will I walk among angels

Dine lavishly with kings

Accepting gracefully

The fortune life brings

If seduced by riches

Capable of tearing me apart

Will I retain the values

I hold close to my heart

Will I muster the courage to battle

Demons that lie in wait

Rage against the establishment

Or simply accept my fate

Will I be driven by passion

Until I meet my end

Live without loss of enthusiasm

And crazy beautiful love, my friend

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