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Sunday, March 22, 2020

She Smiles With Her Eyes

Dark and alluring

She smiles with her eyes

I can’t help but stare

And fantasise

Her blood red lips

I long to kiss

Lost in her gaze

Eternal bliss

Her mere presence

Makes my day

Hopelessly lost

In a gorgeous way

The slightest glance

Causes my heart to pound

Its all sunshine and rainbows

When she’s around

Effortlessly sparkling

Like a diamond in the sunlight

Can’t help but dream

Of holding her tight

Dripping with beauty

So easy to adore

I have her friendship

But ache for more

Each rare moment together

Is mine to cherish

Savouring seconds

That ultimately perish

To always love her

Is my destiny

Impossible to fight

I’ll just let it be.

Trapped in paradise

My future holds no surprise

Because I’m in love

With the woman who smiles with her eyes

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