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Monday, March 2, 2020

This is a poem I composed and read out at my daughters wedding. I hope you like it:-

Easy to give

Wonderful to receive

Forever enduring

Love never flatters to deceive

No requirement for riches

Or price to pay

Eternal sunshine

On an idyllic day

Devoid of weakness

Love has the power

To drag us through

Our darkest hour

It can warm the heart

Of the coldest soul

In a life well lived

Love plays the starring role

Always humble

Without heirs and graces

Love finds shelter

In the most desperate places

When our minds become consumed

With regret and fear

Hold on

Love is near

Our strength

Hope & energy

For the happiness we crave

Love is the key

At the end

When the oceans run dry

And the last star

Inhabiting Gods sky

Burns out up above

They’ll still be love

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