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Monday, July 6, 2020

Party With Prince

In the heart of Minneapolis
When it gets dark
Purple rain falls
On Paisley Park

A bigger musical icon
Hasn’t graced our presence since
I wish I’d got the chance
To party with Prince

No fewer than 27 instruments
This legend could play
Creating musical gems
Such as raspberry beret

His spellbinding guitar skills
Were true to form
When he lit up the Superbowl
During a thunderstorm

He taught the world to go crazy
And party like its 1999
Briefly changing his name
In protest to a sign

Among his writing credits
Nothing compares to U
He never got complacent
Always striving for something new

He remained humble
Until his dying day
Destine to burn out
Rather than fade away

The planet he decorated
Seems a little darker since
In a world awash with royalty
There will only ever be one Prince

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