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Monday, July 27, 2020

Do You Remember

Do you remember
Long nights & short days
When memories evaporated
In a glorious haze

Heads stuffed with dreams
Bodies infused with energy
Living without fear
Feeling so free

Listening to music
Following fashion
Every endeavour
Undertaken with passion

No time to sleep
Or labour under worries
Dancing and romancing
Post midnight curries

Meeting your mates
For a couple of jars
Falling for strangers
In smoky bars

Combining loud shirts
With flared pants
Jumping up and down
To Adam & the Ants

Slow last dances
With French kissing
The youth of today
Don’t know what they’re missing

Hedonistic times
That couldn’t last
Cherished remnants
Of a glorious past

There was no why
Only how
It felt like forever
But look at us now

The last survivors
Of the nightclub generation
Now glued to phones
Eying some youtube sensation

Now we’re older
Tired and lazy
Remembering fondly
Days of beautiful crazy

Greatly missed
Sadly gone
But we lived & loved
Every last one

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